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Glide LT Inline Figure Skates (Boots Only)

Glide LT Inline Figure Skates (Boots Only)

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The LS Glide LT features lightweight outsole and heels. The boots are comfortable and fit the feet well and their hardness is higher than Magic, so this model can satisfy the needs for more actions.Imported thermoplastic material makes the boots better fit your feet and be able to change according to your feet' shape.

Glide Lt for Basic/Middle Level

There are 6 color options available for the upper: white, light pink, turquoise, pink, blue or black.

Performance: Singles/Axel 


The price ONLY for boots. 

Due to much hand made process in production and overloaded orders, we need 7-15 working days to complete your order after receiving your sufficient information and feet’s measurements. The skates will reach you in 5-10 days (except those far away countries) after sending.

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