Refund policy

STANDARD SIZE BOOTS NO RETURNS - We can't accept returns for the wrong sizes. So, if you are picking your size from the chart, please measure and choose your size carefully.

GH family policy: If by any chance you end up getting the wrong size when picking your number based on the chart, we will offer you the opportunity to purchase another pair with 30% off discount. You might want to sell the first pair if it’s not a perfect fit and rest assured you can buy it again at 30% off. To be able to redeem this opportunity, you need to get in touch within 20 days of receiving your skates.

SEMI-CUSTOM (Returns) - We accept a "one-time" return/exchange for semi-custom-made boots where you send us photos of your feet being measured. To buy Semi-custom boots, it will cost an extra $50. We will provide a local address for you to return the skates with semi-custom boots in case of improper fit. And then we will make another pair for you. The local shipping cost will be covered by the customer on the returns.

CANCELLATIONS - Orders can only be canceled within 24 hours of being placed. After that order can not be canceled anymore.