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GH Skates

Magic Quad Roller Skates(vegan leather)Color Jam

Magic Quad Roller Skates(vegan leather)Color Jam

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Magic for basic level

Performance: Single jump
support rate: 25
optional colors for vegan leather,
White/Turquoise/Black/Yellow/Orange/Lavender/Pink/Light Pink/Electric Blue/Teal/Lime Green/Navy Blue/Burgundy

The cold-resistant outsoles are with super tenacity and go through the specialized cold-resistant tests. The boots are comfortable so as to resolve the skaters' problem on the ankles which hurt due to constant friction. Besides, you will have enough support to protect your ankles.

Reinforced Fiber Compound frames can be with 360° pivot trucks as your option.
•EU toe stops(L): Metric toe stops (Large)
•EU toe stops(S): Metric toe stops (Small)
•8mm axles
•8mm bearings
•5/16 axle nuts

Standard truck

•EN toe stops(L): Imperial toe stops (Large)
•EN toe stops(S): Imperial toe stops (Small)
•8mm axles
•8mm bearings
•5/16 axle nuts

You can upgrade your trucks with 360 pivots that add flexibility to your edges.360 pivot trucks are also good for those beginners who want to improve faster.

360 pivot truck provides greater maneuverability and is good for edging, dancing and jam skating. 

Standard pivot truck provides greater stability,  good for trail skating, and is suggested for beginners. 

Due to much handmade process in production, we need 7-15 working days to complete your order after receiving your sufficient information and feet’s measurements. The skates will reach you in 5-10 days (except those far away countries) after sending.

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