About GH Skates

 Brand history of GH Skates Inc.

  GH Skates Inc. is a solely owned Taiwanese company, established in 1969. During that period of time when quad roller skating was booming, GH skates were popular in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, occupying 80% of the market share in Asia.“GH skates” is in the first place of top ten brands of skates. Even up to now, there is no suspense that GH Skates is still occupying 80% of market share, and is still the top one brand of quad roller skates.

       Our Mission at GH Skates, is to save skaters from pain and deformations caused by unsuitable skates. We accomplishes this by drawing on our extensive knowledge and long history of rental skate manufacturing. Using this knowledge, we produce lightweight and custom boots that are durable, comfortable, and customizable. 

Many people may not know GH Skates, because in the past we focused primarily on producing durable, comfortable and high quality rental skates.

In recent years, we began making high end custom boots for quad rollers, inline, and ice skates that are comfortable and durable to skaters all over the world.

We are the only manufacturer in the world that produces stock boots, custom boots, quad frames, and inline frames at the same time. We also customize names and patterns on our customers boots in a way that is not offered by other manufacturers.

It is our hope that one day, every skater will know that GH Skates stand for quality, durability, and comfort.

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