GH Standard boots’ sizing guide

IMPORTANT: Please don’t just pick your size. Measure your feet’s length and pick your size on the GH SIZE column based on that. Check note below the table to choose the width of your skates.

If you have questions about sizing your GH boots,

please contact us. mail:

We will be happy to help you!

Pick your size from HERE Actual Length of your foot
GH Size Millimeters
J8 162
J9 170
J10 178
J11 186
J12 194
J13 202
1 210
1.5 214
2 218
2.5 222
3 226
3.5 230
4 234
4.5 238
5 242
5.5 246
6 250
6.5 254
7 258
7.5 262
8 266
8.5 270
9 274
9.5 278
10 282
10.5 286
11 290
11.5 294
12 298
12.5 302
13 306
13.5 310
14 314
14.5 318
15 322

Sizes 12.5 to 15 are all considered as semi-custom boots and is bespoke to the customer's feet.


Please choose

  • D for wider feet 
  • C for average feet
  • B for narrow feet
  • A for extra narrow feet

Don’t worry about size. Even you just order standard boots, we will definitely help you with sizes. If you can send us your feet photos or measurements after placing the order, we will suggest a more proper size for you. Just put any size on the order form first, and then email to after ordering to tell us your concerns. We will then absolutely discuss with you about the size and won’t start making your boots before getting confirmation from you.

If you have specially extra narrow or extra wide feet, we suggest you picking the semi-custom made option.

NO RETURNS - We can't accept returns for the wrong sizes. So, if you are picking your size from the chart, please measure and choose your size carefully.

GH family policy: If by any chance you end up getting the wrong size when picking your number based on the chart, we will offer you the opportunity to purchase another pair with 30% off discount. You might want to sell the first pair if it’s not a perfect fit and rest assured you can buy it again at 30% off. To be able to redeem this opportunity, you need to get in touch within 20 days of receiving your skates.

SEMI-CUSTOM (Returns) - We accept a "one time" return/exchange for semi-custom made boots where you send us photos of your feet being measured. To buy Semi-custom boots, it will cost an extra $50. We will provide a local address for you to return the skates with semi-custom boots in case of improper fit. And then we will make another pair for you. The local shipping cost will be covered by the customer on the returns.

CANCELLATIONS - Orders can only be canceled within 24 hours of being placed. After that order can not be cancelled anymore.

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