Suede Leather Maintenance

Warning! Suede leather cannot be washed with water as moisture from water will deteriorate the surface.


1. Dust Care Instructions

Use a suede-specific brush to gently brush in the same direction as the leather pattern

2. Deep Stain Care Instructions

Use an eraser made specifically for suede. Gently remove stubborn stains by rubbing in one direction. After that, use the same suede-specific brush to finish.

3. Special Training Stain Care Instructions

Use a cleaner specifically made for suede.  We recommend foaming suede cleaners.  Use a cloth to absorb the solution or foam to clean.  It is not recommended to apply leather cleaner directly after wiping and cleaning.  Let the boots dry in the shade until they are  completely dry. 

Tip!: You can use suede waterproof coating spray to protect your boots too.



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