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Street Pony Quad Roller Skates

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Customer Reviews

Hello! Hope you are good, just giving you some feedback about the skates, it’s been almost a week skating with them and yesterday it was my first skate event with them.
Still not a 100% in them as I need to get used this new world angles has changed support ,maneuverability, etc. ( in a positive way)
I also can do my floor work moves, it feels even easier. And in general I feel I got more balance. So I really feel this are the skates I needed for myself and is going to help me to progress and allow me to perform some of the moves I couldn’t achieve with my old skates.
Also everywhere I go people don’t stop asking and looking at my skates, they all love it🥰
So thank you very much for having me as ambassador. Will keep you update and will be doing a video review later on. ️️

Zaira Tary, roller dance World champion’s review on GH Dance Classic skates

I'm so happy with my GH skates. I'm highly recommending their boots and blades. It's the best for me. I just love my boots. The boots they sell is really quality. Also, the good thing with this company they can customize your own boots. Thanks a lot to GH Skates. More power to your growing company.

Carlo Gonzalez

GH Skates Boots are comfortable, They can easily make a semi-custom boot based on foot measurements you send them. The sizing process can be a bit difficult to understand, but is highly effective at eliminating the need for adjustments. The turn around time from ordering to receiving is unusually quick. the boots are light, come with multiple inserts (model dependent) so you can choose the right balance of comfort and support for your foot. Also, they work for both ice and inline, so yay!

Nathan Grundhofer

Maestro boots:

Absolutely no pain, cramping or unpleasant friction from the first time you step on your feet.  The boots fit perfectly, the inner form hugs the foot and holds it in place. Usually, I needed a good half hour of training for my boots to soften and for me to be, just about well in them( not to mention the many cramps, blisters, etc.), with a very slow break-in time (several months skating 6 hours a week). Now it’s instantaneous.

Inline skates: (Maestro boots with inline frames AVANT LT.)

I love it because it combines what I liked at some other brands. A frame long enough but not too long, an adjustable and sufficiently important rockering, and a quad-type toe stop.  Not to mention the Maestro boots, incredibly comfortable. And even though I was worried about the quality before I got them. I was very pleasantly surprised and recommend them 100%!

Priscillia Boatto Arguimbau

Today was  first day in GH Skates and I LOVE them. They are so comfortable and padded. The break-in time was about 20 minuets. It's the quickest break-in I've ever had. The toe box is wider than the two Italian brands I have worn previously and I prefer the GH Skates boots.  I love the color too. So pretty.


You guys have truly out done yourselves. I am IN LOVE with my skates. They are more than I could have asked for! Thank you so much for guiding me through this amazing experience. Customer service was top notch and I will only buy skates from you guys. Forever a GH Family member

Jalissa Doughty

The GH Skates delivered! I have a narrow heel/bony feet/wide ball of foot and GH made the boots custom to accommodate my foot issues. The boots are so comfortable from the first skate and I was able to do ice skating maneuvers on them immediately.

Alyssa Henderson

My New Maestro Boots

Never have I been more pleasantly surprised by a figure skating boot! As a professional figure skater I have much experience with most brands in the market and GH Skates certainly has caught my attention. Breaking into the figure skate manufacturing business in 2010 it is a wonder I’ve only heard about them now. When I opened their package, at first glance, the style reminded me of some high performing Italian brand. Light, sleek, with a soft interior. Before I even put them on I was excited.
The boot looked and felt great, now it was time to test them out. Being a larger than average skater, it was important for me not to just have a skate that is comfortable, but one that can take a real beating. At almost 200 lbs, I was skeptical to say the least that this would be the case. Once again I was wrong. Heavy as I am, the Maestro handled everything I threw at it. GH Skates should be heavily considered over the top brands out there. With all the people asking me where I got my skates, I can’t imagine it’ll take too long for GH to be famous throughout the US figure skating world.

Aaron Singletary

I have never had a pair of skates I could put on and immediately be comfortable in (or used a lightweight boot before), but the GH Skates Maestro boot and inline frame pleasantly surprised me! As soon as I put them on my feet, I was impressed with how well they fit, and after lacing them up I was excited to feel like I had excellent support as well as able to comfortably skate in them right away. The lightweight boot is perfectly suited to adjusting from a figure skate blade to the added weight an inline wheel frame, the rockering created through the wheels allows for a quick understanding of turning and spinning, and the ability to adjust the toe stop meant that I could easily place it to feel like it was in the correct spot for me. I also appreciate the feeling of firm support from the Maestro boot, and feel like they will continue to perform well for me in everything I ask of them as I continue to train off ice on wheels.

The toe portion of the skate is perfect - I really can’t say enough good about the fit overall, they are so comfortable and I’m really impressed with how perfectly shaped to my foot they were. It was nice to just be able to put them on and be able to skate right away!

@sarahdoesstuff performer from “Ice Theatre of New York”